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Boom Arms Polished
Boom Arms Polished - Image: 1 Boom Arms Polished - Image: 2 Boom Arms Polished - Image: 3

A Boom Arm consists of a 48mm aluminium tube with a factory fitted weld coupler.


250mm - 100 Kg

500mm - 50 Kg

750mm - 37 Kg

1000mm - 25 Kg

Note: Be careful of orientation - see Data Sheet

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Part No:

T57310: 250mm Boom Arm Polished (weight 0.84 Kg)

T57315: 500mm Boom Arm Polished (weight 1.24 Kg)

T57317: 750mm Boom Arm Polished (weight 1.65 Kg)

T57320: 1000mm Boom Arm Polished (weight 2.50 Kg)