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Knuckle Joints
Knuckle Joints - Image: 1 Knuckle Joints - Image: 2 Knuckle Joints - Image: 3 Knuckle Joints - Image: 4 Knuckle Joints - Image: 5

Knuckle joints provide articulation in a length of barrel.

Ideal for use in special ‘one off’ applications.

Available as an assembly or as separate items

Suitable for welding only.

Sizes: 39.5mm, 41.4mm, 44mm & 47mm

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Part No:

Knuckle Joints:

T58730: 47mm (weight 0.35 Kg)

T58731: 44mm (weight 0.35 Kg)

T58733: 41.4mm (weight 0.35 Kg)

T58734: 39.5mm (weight 0.35 Kg)

Foot Castings:

T58745: 47mm (weight 0.18 Kg)

T58746: 44mm (weight 0.18 Kg)

T58748: 41.4mm (weight 0.18 Kg)

T58749: 39.5mm (weight 0.18 Kg)

Pivot Plugs:

T58750: 47mm (weight 0.16 Kg)

T58751: 45mm (weight 0.16 Kg)

T58753: 41.5mm (weight 0.16 Kg)

T58754: 39.4mm (weight 0.16 Kg)

Roll Pin:

F790: Roll Pin